How old do I need to be to join the trap club?

12 years old and have a league-approved firearms safety certificate

How do I register for the trap team?

Part 1 of registration...All returning members from the previous season will register first, then new member registration opens up. This is a first come basis. Once registration is full, it will close. Part 2 of registration...Once all 75 members have registered with the Shakopee Trap Club, you will have to register with the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League. Part 2 of registration is with the league. **We will send out an email each time to inform you when it is time to register.

Where do we meet each week?

Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club
2920 220th St E. Prior Lake, MN 55372

How do I get a firearms safety certificate?

You must possess a league-approved firearm safety certificate before February 29th. There are courses available in the area. Check out the following for more information...
1. MN DNR: Firearms Safety Certification for Youth
2. Minnesota State High School Clay Target League: Firearm Safety Certification

Do I need my own 12 gauge or 20 gauge?

Yes!!! You will NOT be allowed to use any one else's firearm. This is for everyone's safety.

What supplies do I need each week?

Proper hearing and eye protection; ammo pouch / bag; proper weather attire and firearm in case marked in a way that you can recognize it.

How much does it cost to join the trap club?

TBD for the 2021 Season Includes: *A new jersey (To be ordered at the Mandatory Safety Meeting) *Ammunition (Non refundable if you miss a week of shooting) *Range Fees/Clays *MN Clay Target League Fees

How many weeks is the trap season?

9 weeks... Practice Week 1
Practice Week 2
Reserve Week (These scores will be used in the event we have to cancel one of our Competition weeks. For example, if it is thundering and lightening during Competition Week 3, then we will use the Reserve Week scores for Competition Week 3. We will not have to make up Competition Week 3).
Competition Week 1
Competition Week 2
Competition Week 3
Competition Week 4
Competition Week 5
Fun Week- Not mandatory

Is there a state tournament for trap?

Yes! Before the state tournament, there is the Trap Shooting Championship in Alexandria, MN - check it out here. Any member of the Shakopee Trap Club can attend. There is a $35 participation fee. It is an all day event. It is a blast and it is amazing how many people are there. You may want to reserve a hotel sooner than later once we know the date. We do not hold any room blocks. This Championship is the qualifying team competition for the State Tournament. The Minnesota State High School League’s State Tournament is at the Minneapolis Gun Club in Prior Lake. Rheanna will inform you if you qualify.

Can I use someone else's firearm?

NO! You cannot use anyone else's firearm. You can only use your own. This is for the safety of everyone.

How do I letter in trap

Shakopee Trap Club Lettering Criteria as recognized by the Shakopee High School.
All of the following must be met:
1. No incident with drugs, alcohol or tobacco
2. Full time student with no failing grades
3. Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher
4. Make progress towards graduation
One of the following needs to be met:
A) A Senior who has participated in all grades 9-12 (4 consecutive years) despite classification status.
B) Any athlete who shoots 25/50 straight in Conference Weeks 1 - 5 (not Practice Weeks, Reserve Week, or Fun Week) or Varsity Championship in Alexandria, MN.
C) Any athlete who has a season average of 20 or higher as determined by True Team Scoring System.

How do I get more information about the trap club?

Feel free to email us at shakopeetrapclub@gmail.com with further questions.

Can I switch between my 12 gauge firearm and my 20 gauge firearm during the season?

No. Make sure you check the gauge on your firearm. When you register, you will select the gauge you will be using for the entire season.

What is the proper footwear for trap?

You must wear closed-toe footwear only. NO SANDALS ARE ALLOWED!!